Musings on horology and the watch industry

How social media platforms shape watch community culture

Having been active in both Instagram and Reddit watch communities since getting involved in the world of watches four years ago, I began noticing key differences which can tell us more about our own behaviour as collectors.

Why the watch industry struggles with the internet

I used to think the issues with the internet were due to the industry being fundamentally "old-fashioned". But I believe there is a deeper reason, rooted in the watchmaking industry's history.

The United States vs. Watchmakers of Switzerland

What aggravated the relationship between the US and Swiss watchmaking industries in the 1950's and early 60's? Part of the answer lies in a lawsuit: The United States vs. The Watchmakers of Switzerland Information Center, Inc., et al.

Watch brands risk alienating future consumers

You can’t blame young people for finding an industry that orients itself away from them, to be increasingly irrelevant.

Criticism is absent in the watch industry, but it shouldn’t be

How do we expect consumer and collector knowledge to grow when we struggle to find analytical content? Is the pinnacle of watch knowledge memorizing a bunch of reference numbers? I hope not.

The case for “watch accumulation”

To me, there is a distinction between an accumulation and a collection. And by extension, the accumulator and the collector…

The plea from the American watch industry

For the last week, I've been researching the decline of the American watchmaking industry. I find the topic interesting because many of the major American watch manufacturers closed down during the 50's and 60's. You know, the time when 20th century American consumerism was at an all-time high. What happened?

Are watches really art?

Whenever I hear someone say, "buy watches because they're art," it often makes me think that they don't understand why people buy art. And by extension, they probably don't understand why people buy watches.

Examining the Time-Only Hype

Time-only watches are no longer, in part, the result of limited budgets, but rather a specific choice made by many.

De-escalating the handmade vs. industrial watchmaking conflict

There's always been something particular about the rivalry between handmade and industrial watchmaking that evaded me. It took me a while to figure it out, but I've realized it has to do with how the conflict is framed in moral terms.